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What We Do

Retail Consultants

Retail Design & Retail Planning based upon the Needs and Wants of the audience. Using both Psychographic Analysis, and Strategy

Project Managers

A comprehensive portfolio of professional management procedures for both Developers and Tenancy Coordination throughout Australasia, the South Pacific, SE Asia, India and the UAE.

UAE Al Marjan Holiday Resort and Spa Resort

In satisfaction of a defined brief for the development to surpass all others within these delightful island locations; we designed a GREEN environment that not only portrayed the picture but also provided a complex that was self- cooling yet visually interfaced with its environment.

UAE Mixed Use Retail, Hotel & Office

The brief was for a specific design to surpass all others whilst portraying the Owners position in the community and, needing to become the commercial hub for the three categories of a 5 star hotel / high end office and Branded retail zones, all serviced by a wide range food court. We wrote the story then designed a complex that fullfilled the dream.

NZ The "Whale" Tourist Centre

A coastal New Zealand City required a feature building on its waterfront that provided for both Public and sea water Services as a living environment related to Diving, Fishing and Tourism in general; what better than a WHALE design for the task.

NZ The Strand Mall

This New Zealand City required a feature building that portrayed the benefits of a mid-town Shopping Centre without confrontation to its surrounds. Multiple ownership was overcome by the principle owner/developer and using our specific documentation combined with initial promotion to major retailers it flourished for many years.

INDIA The Mall of Asia

As the Retail Planners and Lead Designers of another “offshore” team of Architects; our role was to ensure that this million square foot development would not only be the “apple in the eye” of its owner and financially successful, but also command its place as the major territory Mall that would attract both Retail Majors and all the stores for WANTS and NEEDS.

NZ Crossroads A County Centre

We consulted with the public as well as fulfilling the owners needs and designed this mid-city corner retail site as the home of all things including a branded Supermarket, multi choice food Court and the retail essential NEEDS of the Townships residents and inclusive of retailers portraying the WANTS.

NZ Prince's Faire Hall & Food Centre

We were chosen to provide both Design and Project and Tenancy Management for the food court and fresh food retailers within a waterfront Retailtainment; thus Prince’s Faire Hall & Food Centre was created on Prince’s Wharf.

UAE Mall Ceiling Revitalised

A Major Dubai Mall’s management called us in to provide revitalisation to their fading environment without disrupting its 16 hour retailing. We chose the main Court ceiling and designed a UNIQUE FEATURE cover over the aged pole structure using high technology plastics as a one sheet cover overnight. The down time for retailers was zero as 5 night shifts were programmed for completion.  

NZ La Casa Del Habano

The design and fitout of this waterside all in one Retailtainment feature was the forerunner of many others in Australasia and defined product quality, specific stock care and management with hospitality. The first of (five to date) Cigar Lounges designed to retail high-end Cigars in a Lounge setting where fine wines and spirits were an accompaniment. A Cigar Club favourite.

NZ "Guess"

This international Brand chose us to design and build their first New Zealand store to USA and international standards. At the time it was the largest fashion store of its style in New Zealand. 


NZ Cinnamon Street Pattiserie

Ten years after we completed our initial design/build tasks at this major Mall in Auckland we were re-chosen by the new management to design and manage the new incoming tenant fitouts for her skills in the arts of Patisseries and the Lessors needs.

NZ Lotto The Fun Game

As editors and Lead Design and Build managers of the Lotteries Brand specifications, the Commission often chose us to stretch the BRAND statement, this was one of those occasions for a South Auckland Mall franchisee. The ball numbers chosen were the very first numbers drawn for the very first major win.