Project Management

As Design Managers and Retail / Commercial Planning Consultants we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of professional management procedures throughout Australasia, the South Pacific, SE Asia, India and the UAE for many years and from this foundation we have developed generic systems and software programmes that enable City Managers, Retail Developers and Retailers to manage their own tasks in this field with competency if they wish to.

John enjoys focusing on providing PEER REVIEWS of EXISTING CONCEPT DESIGNS to ensure they become successful in the long term.

The following benefits can be obtained with our guidance:

  • Fully integrated PROPERTY & DESIGN MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES for City Environments
  • Complete TENANCY COORDINATION and DESIGN PROJECT MANAGEMENT with coordinated cost parameters being met right from inception
  • We strive to maximise the investment
  • As FACILITIES MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS we cover all bases of Urban and Retail Management 
  • The total project control being centralised to improve performance across all channels
  • The development risk is minimised
  • We practice Value Engineering techniques throughout the life of the project

Because of our history in this profession, we have built up long standing relationships with reliable professionals and suppliers in a number of countries. These close relationships allow the rapid completion of a project and are clearly witnessed in repetitive and modular types of projects such as franchises. Our clients benefit from this by having access to our data base.


Our Collaboratives

We have a collaboration agreement with Babbage Consultants Limited who are a 120 strong team of internationally recognised Consultant Architects, Urban Planners, geo-technical and civil Engineers, Project Managers and Surveyors.   Having a collaborative agreement with this practice allows us to jointly offer all our clients with a worldwide spectrum dynamic.  


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