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YES, we are still in business and YES it has been a long time since we updated our NEWS and YES we apologies for the delay, but relocation of a business so deep and wide spread as it is takes time has become 

Yes we are still providing design and tenancy coordination to selected retailers for SUGARTREE LANE and we are seeking a wider variety of cafes and eateries. Now in the final wrap-up this magnificent three tower apartment development stands alone as one of the best in Auckland and we are proud to be there.

Relocating to Northland is proving to be the best opportunity for us. Consulting from John's home "ROCK HENGE" has great advantages not only for the families lifestyle but also a haven to design better dreams from. John still manages offshore Consulting through his senior staff in Dubai covering the UAE, Mumbai, Delhi, Qatar, Hong Kong and Sydney.

We may have told you before about The Strand shopping environment in Whangarei that John designed 23 years ago and how it now requires him again to re-vitalize it. More about this saga as it evolves soon.






Finally after change of location together with reconstruction of our Modus Operandi, this NEWS page is NOW under review;





If you have been following our somewhat sporadic NEWS PAGE, for which we admit could have been edited on a regular basis, you would have recognized the change of the Group Modus Operandi from the broad scope of services provided to Retailers and their Landlords to a more defined role at the top end of Retailing.

After a number of Developers had sought our advise at the grass root level of their programs, it became obvious that John's years of dedicated understandings and learning in this specialised field were prime to their success and its future growth.

This combined with the first class performance of our offshore Consultants has finally defined how we offer service and to whom.

The closing of the Auckland office was writing on the wall for us as common sense prevailed. We all agreed that it was uneconomic and unnecessary which prompted the move to our Corporate office to John's Estate in Northland, New Zealand. The Contact addresses and connections are now online here.

We wish you all a bountiful New this space as we grow our CONSULTANCY to new heights; currently we are working with two former Mall Developers to revitalise their Malls after a twenty year spin and three existing Towns/Villages, an exciting start to the New Year to say the least.



Here we are again, late but better than never. It seems that the last nine months was not given enough time to exist. we were full on and the festive holiday break was well accepted. Cruising in Lady Joyce was a delight, the water was gentle, the sun just as we like it and the wine was at "room" temperature.

Back to business; last year saw the opening of two great new stores in our upper CBD development at SUGARTREE Stage One; Pepitos Tapas Bar & Grill and Habitual Fix. These are the start of our planned food Anchor for this power house Upper CBD center. We now need to close on others to complete the focus. With concepts already prepared for a specialty Wines and Spirits cavern and a further three providers of the daily needs of the residents, we will see this first stage developing now the construction gangs have moved to Stage Two.

It has been great to see that almost 80% of the 600 apartments are sold pre-construction which makes the Ground Floor Retail a viable retail environment in its own right, adding to the other 4000 residents in this upper CBD development. We still have 2 retail spaces to complete this Anchor and are confident they will be all in and trading before construction is finally complete.

On the submissions front it has been a busy half year. With three major submissions made for offshore retail centers we can look forward to a busy time over the next three years...then I intend to retire. No epitaph yet that is to come later.

It is unusual but rewarding that after such a busy time up until last week I now have a month of nothing....time to catch up with friends and contacts. So more news sooner rather than later.     



There is no doubt in my mind that there is a greater force than us in charge of opportunities; as the seasons change into winter here one thinks of skiing the slopes or being cosy by a log fire with a fine pinot when in comes a rewarding comment to stir the emotions to cause me to write this little dialogue.

Without disclosure all I can say is what the comment was and how we could change the outcome.

The developer was under construction with a twenty storied residential tower (small yes but it still earns the title). The news report stated that the owners were pre-selling residential apartments off the plans but could secure no interest in the lower floors that they considered suitable for retailing. Now if you know the answer do not read further, if you do not know stay with this; it can change your bottom line, it is starting to change theirs.

My first task was to contact the developer and convince them that there is a solution. Then we thoroughly researched what was missing in the retail surrounding the development by understanding the publics needs and wants and then provided a tenancy mix plan for that. Then came the next hurdle; convincing the developer to stop trying to sell the retail of the plans, take a breath while we finished our research and developed the documentation for an integrated retail environment.

Using my own documentation package that enables an integrated retail environment to be created for multiple land owners and empowered retailers the rest is now becoming a cake walk. The first retailers are signed up and commissioning their designers and future land owners are waiting in the wings for guaranteed income streams, so winter will be a little warmer now.   

Roll-on Summer

From my desk this time; John B Foreman


03 FEBRUARY 2015

WOW !!! what a Christmas season that was; maybe not where you are but here in the Antipodes (Australia and New Zealand) all the retailers we know and work with had a glorious seasonal boost to their turnover.

Ok the dollar stayed firm and was favourable, but the weather in New Zealand was superb not only for the annual holidays but also for all retailers who took advantage and for the accommodation providers.

For us and those in our profession "busy as" was the password as we provided back up to our clients in finishing the year's design/build programme.

SUGARTREE; our latest retail precinct is still moving forward with the first tower block 98% finished and leasing the retail spaces is now seriously underway. We welcomed Habitual Fix to the QSR's and wish them well.

Last week saw a new player come to us for consultative advice and we look forward to closing with them over the next month.

John's e-books on the "HOW TO" in the planning and design of retail environments are selling well; with sales in Russia, India and the USA.   



Just completed today, the latest upgrade of John's site where he provides info gathered over his years in this business, with Designers, Architects and Developers who are creating Regional, District, Category, Greenfields Malls, Shopping Precincts and Stores.

The site is better structured and easy to navigate to preview a sample page or purchase any of his E-books on this demanding subject.

With patrons in most countries from the USA in the west through Russia to China in the East, Sweden in the North to Australia in the South; Johns simple grass roots advice works anywhere. 



Over this week all our sites will be progressively updated to represent not only what we do but who does what. John is overseeing this procedure to ensure we cover all bases, including his personal site where he sells his highly rated series of information books on the design and planning of Retail Environments. This week we completed our first New Zealand EOI for a City Promenade and also finalised the new Lease documentation for mixed-owner (Strata Title) integrated retailing. This complete document structure which is copyrighted to John and an Auckland Property Lawyer looks as though it will set the world on fire and eliminate the plethora of $2dollar shops that eventually end up degrading Mixed Use Land Owners assets


After being offline in a what seemed a forever period, the e-books by John B Foreman are now back on line at and there will be a bonus in there later this week. John is offering the whole set of SIX BOOKS at a DISCOUNTED VALUE firstly to all connections in the industry. More on this and other changes at home base as they develop over the next week - there is more to follow that he hope you will "like"


The SUGARTREE RETAIL PRECINCT is also moving forward at breakneck speed with the first tower block of 200 apartments ready for interior fit out by Christmas with our Retail Shops being the following March. This will be the first 15 stores on the Podium (ground)Floor, the balance of the 3,700 meters of lease space will take a further two years to complete as the other two Towers are completed. It is a great contract to have and a pleasure to undertake

John Foreman, our CEO shared his knowledge with an Auckland Property Lawyer on how to draft the lease documentation for an INTEGRATED RETAIL PRECINCT that can be owned by multiple Lessors without the common detrimental effects that usually occur with the TENANCY MIX. Their combined effort produced a specific lease documentation protocol that is now in demand by others who are seeking solutions that ensure higher returns for Strata Title investments.

14 MAY 2014

Our project for Birkenhead Square is moving forward; the final designs for the refurbishment have been completed and the plans are currently processing with the local Government authority for consents to construct.

Meanwhile the Tenders are out and will be closing within a week. The Owners are looking for retailers for two of the larger tenancies and we are looking for completion within six weeks of consent issue. It is a complex project with many diversities such as Safety Fire and Egress, we love these challenging conditions in Project Management


This year is now in third gear with Birkenhead Square moving into refurbishment as we write and now with SUGARTREE RETAIL PRECINCT telling the World about us.

We knew that our new copy-write for an integrated lease across multiple property owners would be beneficial to all those in Strata title tenancies but the response is outstanding

Check out this latest report from this countries number one.


With the necessary Christmas annual holidays over for us and our clients in the Antipodes, we are back and full on.

Continuing our success with developing a satisfactory solution for both investors and retailers in integrated retail environments which is now copyright to ourselves and our associate property lawyers; we attracted very positive feedback from all parties who were shown our presentations for the Retail Courts of the SUGARTREE urban living development in Auckland

Of the five F&B Retailers contacted in December we achieved four positive responses and a conditional tenant.


The last three months have been challenging and exciting both at the same time, just as we like it.

We have CRACKED the Strata Title deadlock noose around integrated retailing in Australasia for the successful development of an multi-category tenancy mixed retail environment. 

Firstly we were commissioned by a Project Director with the foresight to understand that our intellectual property in a Facilities Management System would provide for his investors a workable solution to the pertinent issues surrounding multiple title ownership. Secondly we found a Senior Partner of a New Zealand Property Law firm who not only understood our task but was able with empathy to compose a compatible lease document that aligned with our own generic in-house Tenancy Manuals as the control documentation for the way forward in accordance with local codes of compliance.

Construction has commenced on the multi use development with confidence that it will succeed.



What a Christmas, what a New Year and for those of us who live in New Zealand, what a Summer. In fact even now as Autumn is here, the climate is still very much full of summer temperatures with lots of sunshine and very little rain all season. For those of us who like to go boating, yachting and fishing it has not been this good for thirty years.

On the board right now we have an inner City Centre Plan for an Australian city and a satelite shopping centre for New Zealand. Last year we provided a Peer Review for a Qatar mall and that is slowly coming out of the ground. We expect to move back in when the hard architecture is closing off.

The personal site of John's for his e-books has proven succsessful but is now off-line undergoing refurbishment. Those who still want to buy an e-book can do so by emailing this site directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us what you need. The hard back is in press for all six books and will be on the shelves in three months, all going well.