About Us


It is our belief that by forming strategic partnerships with our clients, taking ownership of their perceptions and using our special skills to improve their performance we shall keep them ahead of the market thereby both achieving mutual success.

Our Mission

To continually add measurable value with commitment to all we do for our clients and then ourselves.


Foreman & Company are totally client focussed
  • We will continue to implement and constantly strive to improve all aspects of our service.
  • Each commission will receive our full attention in order to deliver the project to our client's entire satisfaction having regard to professionalism, quality, time and cost.
  • We will maintain the highest possible professional codes of ethics in the conduct of our daily duties and will never compromise the position of our clients.
  • We believe our service should go beyond the design and planning encompassing whatever it takes to provide the ultimate service
  • We maintain a substantial world wide professional indemnity insurance package for your protection
  • We will never sell, lease or give away your information to anyone ever, guaranteed.
John B. Foreman
Chairman and Managing Director
Retail Design & Commercial Planning Consultant



Swedish Match (Australia. New Zealand. Pacific Islands)

"On behalf of Swedish Match, and myself personally, I would like to thank you and your team for the effort and support in the establishment of La Casa del Habano. With the experience and assistance of your team it certainly made the project for myself, both enjoyable and rewarding."...

Paul Hindmarch

New Zealand Lotteries Commission

..."We have the confidence that Foreman & Company Ltd are able to communicate the New Zealand Lotteries Retail Corporate Standards to our franchise holders when discussing and formulating the design of a Lotteries Retail Sales Outlet in business premises and core businesses that are many and varied.

ForemanRPC have played a leading role in ensuring that the Commission's Standards are implemented with construction and delivery being on time, on budget and of superior quality."

Keith Martin

Bluebird Foods Limited             

..."The management executive at Bluebird Foods found, in addition to the professional skills of John Foreman and his associates, that his particular attention to detail and cost effectiveness of all his activities, directly or from his sub-contractors, gave him a strength not found in similar organisations.

He seems to have that skill of obtaining the highest standard of equipment and material to meet and extend beyond specification and expectation, and yet he always came in within budgeted costs."

Roy W. Simmons

Care Chemist (Orewa Pharmacy)             

..."John has come up with some really good ideas. He's' got a great feel for retail, creating an environment which provides excellent customer flows. He's also been able to put my ideas into a worthwhile and viable looking package combining the practical work flows for the dispensary. These aspects of Quality Assurance are essential in a franchise, combining well with a retail environment that sells product."

Des Adams.

Strand Syndicate             

..."John's ability to identify an appropriate theme and then with precision and detail translate his creative thought into practical reality was clearly demonstrated and the completed project is an outstanding success.

We can commend John and Foreman & Company to mall developers and mall owners who wish to transform existing buildings into a superior retail environment and to retailers looking for advice as to layout and finishes within their lease lines."...

Greg Guy